About Us

Wedge Dog Collection is a small leather dog goods company based in Whistler, British Columbia Canada, started and handmade by Yuki Tsubota. 

Always having had a love for dogs I have also always had a passion for craft and working with my hands. My first pursuit was Yuk's Toques that I started when I was 11 years old. I made crocheted toques and felted figurines all year long for the local annual Christmas Market. Fast forward 15 years, and coming across an extended period of free time in the spring of 2020 I decided to get busy again, so I created Wedge Dog Collection.

I began the collection with the intention of creating beautiful, functional and everlasting pieces. One of my favourite qualities of working with leather is that each piece grows character the longer you have it. Having two four-legged friends of my own, I am lucky to have the perfect candidates to do all the testing. From being in and out of the dirt, snow, sun and water we test it all!

See you on the trails!

Yuki, Happy and Hudson